Google Pixel 2 XL Review | The Most Boring Android Phone Yet?


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  1. I respect the opinions in this video. And as a Pixel 2 xl owner I can admit that the Galaxy Note line is amazing (have owned previous models). But though pure Android is vanilla/boring, I can't say it is any more vanilla/boring than iOS. In fact I would say that stock Android is more exciting than iOS. Different strokes I guess. 👍

  2. Front facing camera is miles ahead of the iPhone X ffc and that’s a fact and proven by many you tubers. Not to mention iPhone X over blown highlights lol who can take you seriously.

  3. Check out reviewtechusa 's latest video on the Samsung commercial against iphones. He really brings up great points as to why Iphones are actually the most boring phones out there because they're always plkaying catch up. It's like their customers have Stockholm syndrome and they're fighting a losing battle

  4. When the whole world praises the cameras for its quality this guy says its not one among the best. When the whole world doesn't like removal of headphone jack this guy loves it. When the whole world likes vanilla Android this guy says its boring…….what a big loser lol😂😂😂🤣😂

  5. Personally for me the Pixel 2 just doesn’t offer enough for me to switch back to android. The camera is good but a phone isn’t just about the camera. If I was to switch back, then it would have to be either S8 or note 8 just as I personally believe they offer more to the user than what the pixel 2 does.

  6. I love my iPhone and IOS but Apple just isn't leading innovation in the smartphone industry anymore. I believe the Pixel 2 is the perfect segway phone for those with iPhones such as myself who are looking for something different but still want the quickness and stability that stock Android brings.

  7. Man you didn't even use the best feature of this phone. Google Assistant is light years ahead of Siri. I never used Siri when I had an iPhone, and with my Pixel 2 I find myself using it way more often than I thought. It's so much faster to squeeze and ask than unlock your phone, and type in a Google search. I think it's the little things that make me love this phone. The "now playing" on the lock screen, the battery and app optimization(light years ahead of Samsung), the way notifications are organized including the snooze feature. The way the UI changes theme to match the album cover of what you're listening to. I love your phone reviews David, but I could tell you didn't go as in depth as you could have with all aspects of this phone.

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