Google Pixel 2 XL REVIEW – The Perfect Android Phone?


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  1. I really don't appreciate if you compare Google pixel with iPhone x and just look at the price of iPhone x, the world's expensive phone needs to have all the best specifications and if not then why should people pay a huge price? There are flaws in iPhone x as the battery deparent is very poor just has 2700mah and I really don't think the most expensive device should have it. iPhone x is not the first notch designed one, look at the essential device which was launched with the notch one. Wireless charging is not a big issue, nobody cares about wireless charging…. In first place apple is way far behind in technology and only iPhone x got some improvement to be honest and all the previous devices were outdated and waste of money had big bezels from top to bottom…..

  2. Switched to pixel 2 xl from an S7 bypassing the S9 taking advantage of Verizon $300 off. Best phone I have had period! Biggest features was quick updates, unified software/hardware vendor like Apple, battery life and speed. I get almost 2 days on the phone with about 5 hours of screen time!

  3. Wondering if I should i return my un-opened Google 2 XL ?
    Really un-sure from conflicting reviews. I have been a samsung user for years (won't go with Apple) but I feel if i'd known about the memory card/ headphones/screen issues & not being a customisable model I would not have chosen this phone. I was told i can't return it but fairly sure that's BS.

  4. Recently got a Pixel 2 XL and I love it! It's by far my favorite phone I've ever had!

    One thing you forgot to mention in your review is the lack of a MIcroSD card slot in this device. It's not that big a deal because Google has unlimited cloud storage for pictures (not sure about video? Perhaps not..) , which definitely helps me save some storage space.
    I hate the removal of the 3.5mm audio port, as there is no practical reason to me for it other than dust resistance, which is overkill. It's not for water resistance, because I had a Sony Xperia that was water resistant and it still had the 3.5mm port. Anyways, just a small rant, and it's not enough to stop me from loving this phone!

  5. I personally got my Pixel 2 XL for £650 at Carphone Warehouse the week after Christmas. I think that definitely makes the phone worth it for me. Also with the whole blue colour when you tilt the phone, who doesn't use a phone directly looking at it? It's really not an issue.

  6. I've been back & forth with the pixel. I've been with Samsung since the S3. Reason why I'm holding back is because of privacy concerns for my photos on Google Photos & also no SD card slot. I feel like this phone still doesn't offer the amount of money as Samsung does.

  7. Question: What's the difference in camera between the stanard Pixel 2 and the XL? I really want this phone for the camera, but the XL seems a bit out of my price range at the moment. Can someone explain the difference plz?

  8. Just ordered the XL should be a really nice upgrade over my HTC10 and moved network for the first time in 10+ years, hope it works out! 

    Nice review, really helps when making such long term decisions

  9. I did not like the Pixel XL 2 initially but the just black has grown on me. I still do not care for the panda phone at all. Hope the Pixel 3 XL Google will bring back really blue.

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