Google Pixel: Best Android phone in early 2017!


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  1. It's a good attempt by Google, but they'll have to try harder if they want my custom. Personally I am not a fan of the backside design, and the front looks standardly uninspiring and boring for such an expensive phone. 128GB option continuously out of stock, no 64GB option, no SD card expandable storage, I have no wish to place my personal files in the cloud thank you very much (I work in WAN networks and know how easy it is to syphon off data with an optical splitter and how many countries actually have that ability on their backbone networks – look up "lawful interception" it's manditory in Europe and done widely everywhere else), electronic image stabalization is no match for optical image stabalization and there was noticable video image buzz and shudder as the camera tries to stabalise a simple walking shot, no waterpoofing of any sort, no wireless charging, no stereo speakers, lackluster battery life on the standard Pixel, a friend has a Pixel and the assistant is a bit rubbish to be honest and fails to remember context most of the time, no always on display… it's basically a SLIGHTLY jazzed up bog standard Android phone. Not worth the exorbitant pricing. I'll wait to see what the Galaxy S8, S8+, Note 8, and Pixel Version 2 have to offer.

  2. reasons not to buy this phone: not waterproof, ugly as FUCK, Google will forget about this phone in 1 year and you won't get the same OS as the next pixel is going to have, price does not match it's design features, playstore is still a dogshit!

  3. How is it the best android phone?
    It lacks water resistance.
    the design looks like an iphone on steroids.
    Bezels are so huge.
    The OP3T have a faster processor for half the price.
    More expensive than the S7 edge.

  4. I like the idea of the Pixel and I have been waiting a long time to replace my iPhone 6. But I just can't get over all that wasted space bezels. Every time I look at it, like in this review, I hear the content but stare at the humongous bezels. I will wait for the next few phones but will probably buy a discounted Galaxy Edge.

  5. No thanks. I think I'll stay with the LG V20.. Matter of fact I don't even think the Pixel is on the same class with the V20 or even the S7 edge let alone. That camera though.. Gotta give it to Pixel

  6. I really do not understand why people like this phone. I came to it via the Galaxy Fireball (note obviously) and it is just a plain phone. I feel it is more like a Moto G than a flagship. Not nothing to stand out and is short on convenient features. Just a blah phone…I just dont get all the love.

  7. Only thing stopping me from buying the Pixel is the crap speakers.

    I'm really hoping the Pixel 2 will have dual front facing speakers, like the 6P, otherwise I'll be sticking with my 6P.

    Re software, most of the software tweaks or features that the pixel has, can be/has been implemented on other phones thanks to the community.

    – Nexus 6p user with Google assistant unlocked

  8. One of the best pure Android phones I've owned. I am very happy with it. Fast, great camera and feels great in hand. Yes, not the most exciting looking and hope for Pixel 2 will get even better.

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