Google Pixel Review – Best Android Phone You Can Buy?


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  1. just found your channel! I really like how youre reviewing these devices! now watched two videos of you and without special effects like you do its totally fine, I really enjoy it! and I watched tons of other review videos before!

    keep up the honest and likeable type of reviewing! keep on going! looking forward to watch more of your vids

  2. It seems nice but ion think nothing topping iPhones especially iPhone 7 & plus. iPhone is just as fast and responsive may not have unlimited storage but 128!and 256 is over kill more than enough space for the average user. What I love about apple is if they do have issue or bugs they send a update asap to fix the issue unlike android you're stuck with the issue on ya phone until they get ready to fix it I just had too many bad experience with android

  3. Amen on the stock android. I've been holding off upgrading my Note 4 as I want a top phone but not another Samsung with their horrid UI.

  4. What is the default music player like? Has it got EQ settings and other functions to enhance the audio or is it just basic and they expect you to download a Music Player App? Please advise.

  5. my phone cracked (glass as well as a hole in the frame under the glass) after falling from waist height :-/

    Pixel certainly has one of the poor designs and quality.

    Poor design because the upper half of the phone is thicker than the lower half. Now imagine yourself taking a selfie. You take phone in your right hand facing the front camera to your face. Your fingers will have to bear the weight of the hanging heavier upper half. That means you need to put extra efforts to adjust the camera.

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