Google’s NEW Android Device Is HERE! (2018)


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  1. I hate your videos, I don't know why you always feel the need to TRY to be funny by deliberately bumbling your words when explaining things, it is very off putting, and really annoying.

  2. It drives me crazy when he says "Samsung ARE…." or "Google ARE…"

    It should be "Samsung IS…" and "Google IS…"

    Not usually the kind of thing I nitpick about but it's so annoying.

  3. I love Samsung and all, but we know Samsung is going to be like our new lower price of $599.99 USD. Greedy Bastards. I'll buy cheaper and faster China knock-offs instead. There's Cheaper phones like the Vernee Mix 2, Doogee Mix 2 …*insert random Chinese phone brand name here and random phone name here*

  4. I mean either your trying to gain minutes or your an idiot if you think that you're making this show in a un boring way. It takes 50 secs for the video to start. Cut the crap and add more news you could say all this in 3 minutes 2 minutes if you were trying.

  5. I will tell what I am NOT excited about. It's the cheaper Samsung phone which is intended to compete with the mid-range alternative out there like Oneplus, LG, Motorola, and the Nokia.

  6. I like u a lot, u have a light mood and u look like u having a good time presenting which make me watch all ur videos and enjoy watching them…
    keep up the good work.

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