Here’s Why You Should Root Your Android Phone


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  1. Root access to your phone is pretty dangerous. When you have root you run your phone wide open with no boundaries of what you can do with the OS much like the administrator on a Windows PC. The problem with this isn't so much the user as it is with hackers who want to break into your phone. When you run a PC with full admin rights you are open for viruses to install themselves on your computer without your knowledge and will hijack your machine. Forget being careful about not clicking on bad links in scam emails. You can pick up viruses on any website, even safe ones. There's a reason why phones are so locked down and don't allow apps that haven't been approved to install on your phone. It's not money! It's to protect you. Not running your phone as an admin is so good at protecting you that you can actually click on a malicious link in an email that attempts to install a virus on your phone and it can't because it needs administrator access, and you don't have it. Why do you think you can run your phone with no anti-virus program? Because your phone won't give you access to your high level file structure and won't give it to the hacker either. It's way safer and means much less liability for the manufacturer to keep the door shut vs. putting a guard at the door who isn't always the best judge of character like any anti-virus program. Unless you fully understand how vulnerable your phone will become once rooted, don't root. Either that or don't store anything important on your phone and definitely don't do your banking on it.

  2. root means fucking. while i was chatting with my mates i told them that i rooted my phone and i can do a lot of shit like hacking and getting free paid apps and then they start laughing so fucking hard ans told me rooting means fucking they were all ozis so Australian root is fucking

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