Honor 7X review: Best budget Android phone


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  1. I can't believe that on every review all of them say that micro usb is bad but don't say why (even if most people know) but if it were a really bad thing when 99% of the devices today still use it. I think it's because they keep on repeating something someone said or wrote on a first review and can't think anything else on its own.

  2. I've has this phone for about 5 months. My main gripe is that it can be a little slow at times. Whenever I initiate the camera to take a pic it will stall and it'll take more than 10 seconds before I can take a pic.

  3. The only concern with this phone is the imminent possibility that the Department of Justice could block all sales of Huawei phones in the US. That'd be a shame considering that Huawei is doing such a great job of providing quality phones for a cheap price.

  4. I am a happy user from P10 plus n Honor 8, so decided to buy a cheaper 7x as my crash phone, got it off a gxxxbest, may be a defective one….short circuiting noise whenever I plug in my earphone…phone freeze n reboot occasionally. Got a new P20 Lite off Amazon now…no complaints.

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