How to Backup and Restore Apps & Data on any Android Phone (NO ROOT)


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  1. Rubbish. Backup keeps failing for user apps. Says need to verify and set Desktop Backup Password and I don't have one set. Says make sure it's blank and it is. Complete waste of time.

  2. Will someone please translate what this guy is saying. Every now and then I think I hear an English word; but I would not bet a penny on that! OH well, there are plenty of other Backup videos to watch that don't sound like Chinese slang.

  3. Anyone know what is Devomobiron Secrets about? I hear many people make money from their first iphone & android apps creation without any programming experience at all with Devomobiron Secrets (google search it).

  4. What if i say i'll reset my phone and it needs to have all data back after reset. Should i use it? I dont have any computer to backup everything. I just need backup that can be restore again just like Google Drive. It has accounts that i can open my account and get all my datas back but it only backup files not apps 🙁 . When i imagined how that Super Backup works it doesn't work when i reseted my phone because all of my backups will get lost and get deleted because it backups files and apps to sdcard0 of mine :(. Maybe i can use SDCard to Backup but i dont have one and im too dizzy to buy one and i have sick of allergies :(. You may search for something that helps me to restore my lost files after reseting my phone. Also i have root which is very nice for backup and restoring. There is some apps that needs android root. Just here a tip below this text. VVVVVVV
    TIP : Find an app that can login / signin to backup my device and an app that needs root. 🙂 Ill sub you bro if you find what i need for my device.
    Why am i writung this so long comment brahhhhh…
    Anyways thanks 🙂
    1+ SUB for you if you did it + Free 1+ LIKE at all videos you upload 🙂
    Have a Nice and Lucky Day 🙂

  5. Awesome tutorial Mr. Ash… Your tutorial always help me. Last time I ubrick my xiaomi mi4w following your tutorial… You are just awesome bro…. Thanks for sharing…. I just try helium now and it's works for me…

  6. not working on my samsung note 5.
    after restore the backup, the games can't start at all, need to clear the data in application manager then games start from level one …
    i also backup the app together with data, but it keep telling me apps is not install …
    does it only work on apps download from google store ?? my chinese game apps is download from android himarket.

  7. Hello, When i download any app on play store, it completely stops in the middle and then after 5-10 minutes it it starts downloading again.When its about to finish like "installing helium……" it takes too much time even though i have a fast internet. Can you please upload a video which helps me to solve this problem.

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