How to backup SMS messages on your android phone to Gmail


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  4. Hey
    Have a samsung S5. kitkat 4.4.2
    I have 1800 texts from an ex
    wife that I need to back up also printbut most importantly need them on a
    flash drive for my lawyer. I have tried so many of these apps and cant
    get the texts in a readable format on the computer or readable onto the
    flash drive.
    Please help if you can

  5. My phone has a battery problem so I have to backup everything before I send in the phone for service. Samsung had me to install an app called SmartSwitch to back up everything. However it just got stuck right at backing up the messages. I tried several times and let it sit there for 6 hours but still no luck. With the help of Samsung tech, I got everything but messages backed up. They ask me to wait until the second level tech to get back with me with a solution. It's been 5 days and they haven't contacted me yet.I'm so glad I found your video. SMS backup seems to do a fine job here. It already got about a third of my almost 5000 items within 20 minutes. Thanks for your instruction video.
    The app icon, however, is not the same as on your video, but the app's name still the same. I did get a wrong app at first which had the icon just like the one on your video.

  6. I know this video is based on using an android device but I just recently upgraded to an iphone 6s  I was wondering if there is an app like the one in the video (sms update +) that works for the iphone 6s?  what I really really  like about this app is that u don't have to use anything to back up ..  it would automatically backup  into my gmail account without even noticing anything but I know my call logs mms text would be backed up right after the calls or text would come in . If there is such an app like this does it have to be manually backup by using my iTunes or icloud? I really hope not. thx

  7. I wanted to restore my old messages again to my new, NEW phone (it worked the first time
    but I just had to replace that new phone) but every time I click restore , it says 0 messages were restored. all my sms are in my email account still

  8. I installed the SMS backup back in early 2015 and it backed up fine.. however, something happen and it stopped in March 2015.. so I went in last night to turn back on.. and it wanted to backup all of my text from March when the last backup was completed until now.. I really don't want to back all of those .. but it did not give me the SKIP step like it did when I first installed it.. can you adv me what to do  so I can start this backup from today..

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