How to control android phone from pc computer 2012


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  1. To everyone bitching about the whole rooting thing, if you werent going to root your phone why did you buy an android in the first place? if you want stock features ios is infinitely better, if you want customization (aka rooting) Thats where android shines, dont tell me you all just jumped on the hype bandwagon.

  2. I am using DroidVNCServer on my android device. I set the host IP in RealVNC which is shown in the Droid VNC Server app on my android phone (Galaxy S4) and it does connect…great. However, the remote connection screen where I am meant to be seeing my phone screen is just black. I know it's an actual connection because if I use my mouse I can click in the black blank window and my phone apps activate on my phone as if they are being pressed from my phone screen itself but I cannot see what I'm clicking in the window because the screen is just blank – total blackness. I have adjusted the brightness on the phone screen from the phone itself, looked for and toggled with any settings I think it might be on the phone itself and even tried adjusting settings on the RealVNC software and nothing seems to be activating the connections ability to see on my PC what I see on my android phone screen. Does anyone have any idea's of how to set this so I can see on my PC what I can see on my phone screen?

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