How to encrypt your Android device


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  1. nce I encrypt my phone, will i still be able to plug my phone in to the
    usb port on my laptop and copy files onto the phone? Will the phone
    still be visible as a drive on my laptop?I have a Samsung S5 with kitkat

  2. If you choose to encrypt your android device, it may only take a few minutes if you have little storage used. For example, I have 3.12GB of used storage (internal) and it took five minutes maximum for my android to encrypt the data.

  3. hi, let says after encrypting the pic or video. someone remove the sd card, and slot it in a pc. will the pc be able to view the pic and video. thanks

  4. My phone is huawei and it keep saying encryption unsuccessful and want me to reset phone I tried the steps to system recovery but after I reboot it still comes back to encryption unsuccessful, what should I do help me pls…

  5. I am about to send away my phone, and do not want others to see my personal info. First off, how does encrypt affect previous factory reset? will that data also be encryptet? How about this, I do a factory reset so all data become "deleted", then fill the phone to max with all kinds off apps, so it shall overwrite the deleted personal files. After that I do a encrypt and after that I do a another factory reset and while I have to write my previous gmail account I do not have to log in with it, so I just do not do that. I am secure then?

  6. Never trust any encryption 100%.

    Also I believe the phone is only encrypted when it is powered down.

    It's good to harden all your technology from hackers, etc.

    This is a multi layer approach.

  7. If I encrypt my phone and make Samsung KNOX my default launcher, would it make my phone ultimate secure? Could goverment/s or highly hackers still hack and have access to the data? Would there be still a Backdoor on my phone?

  8. After the the California terrorist iPhone was allegedly hacked by the FBI. I'm thinking that Apple caved to the FBI then, the FBI just said; they hacked it on their own to protect Apple. Maybe Anonymous should post a how do video to protect your electronics from prying eyes.

  9. If encryption only works when the device is off, then why did the FBI have trouble with that iPhone? Was it already off before they got a hold of it? Or does the iPhone stay encrypted not only at boot?

  10. @androidauthority  so I tried encrypting my htc one max running android 5.0.2 ( memory used on phone is abt 16gb) with a 6 digit pin and so far it has failed to reboot and commence the encryption. all it shows me is the green android without any other message (it does not say encrypting or show me the progress bar). its been like this for 8 hours. what should I do? wait or restart the phone?

  11. Can a rooted encrypted Oneplus One with ADB enabled running official CyanogenOS (build 01/01/2016) with latest TWRP custom recovery that requires password on startup in system as well as recovery be hacked or cracked?

  12. One thing that I always been wondered is encryption on a phone with a sd card. If my phone dies or I want to take out the sd card and connect it to my computer, can I do that?

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