How to fast charge android phone | Telugu


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  1. nice video bro na mobile amti amta charging petti vadina charging petti mobile data on lo vunna na phone charging thagipothumdhi slow slow na mobile samsung j2 gammona charging ayipothumdhi

  2. bro when I'm trying to upload a image in facebook or YouTube thumbnail it's show "*unable to complete previous action due to low memory*" ani chupistundi..
    how to fix this error..??
    can anyone help me plz..

  3. hi sir ninu lenovo k3 note mobile
    phone vadutuna naa problem yemitante charging problem
    1 hours Ku kevalam 8 or 9 percent
    matrame charge avuthundi diniki
    yem cheyalo taliyatu ledu
    service center lo chupichanu kani
    prayojanam ledu yem cheyalo cheppandi please

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