How to Find or Unlock Your Android Phone Remotely! (See description)


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  1. Has anyone came up with an answer to the question that has been asked on this several times? I too messed with the lock mechanism on google find my phone. I figured I could simply unlock it from that same screen. I just typed several random numbers and I think letters. It locked my phone then I went to click unlock and was surprised to see that isn't an option. I figured android device manager would be the adm and override but got the same message others have… "Since Google has verified that a screen lock is already set, the password you entered won't be needed."  I saw you reference the kill switch law of 2015. I read some of the law and it said it is still reversible.  Would you know what steps to take to reverse it?

  2. Hi it is not working for me. It says that
    " since the google has verified that screen lock has already been set, the password you have set won't be needed." I could access my phone through guest somehow, but can not recover data. I am worried as I have already sent the lock command through ADM it won't allow me at all now. what do I do now, can you please suggest.

  3. I set 5 digit password when I go to unlock my device i found only 4 digit & now i am unable to unlock it please give me your suggestions. How to unlock it device name redmi 3s

  4. hai my every function works
    but the password is not working
    first i taught i have put the wrong password so i login to gamil and changed password of Set a password to lock your screen
    still not working .now my phone is locked
    please help

  5. I am in a situation where a guy got access to my adm. They set some random password that I obviously don't know. I try to change it to 1234 so i can overall get rid of the passcode… but it says you don't need a new passcode.

  6. Do not try this, I ended up factory reset my brand new s7edge. The password you set on ADM to unlock your phone does not work, it keeps telling you insert the wrong password even when you're sure you're not. Get it together Google!

  7. Hi there
    I need to change my password (as I forgot my password)
    but it says "Since Google has verified that a screen lock is already set, the password you entered won't be needed."
    plzzz help…………:D

  8. i have entered a password and now it is not unlocking i don t know why so i worked on adm when i am entering the new pass it is writing that i have a password lock so the new pass won t be needed. please help!!

  9. +DMack Tech & Gaming
    I have an HTC one m7 that is currently stuck on the screen that appears for you at 5:08 in your video, right before you restart after the technical problem related to the watch. I do not have any 3rd party apps controlling my lock screen, just an android pattern lock which I have forgotten after temporarily switching to another device. No matter what part of the screen I touch or button I press, no keyboard appears for me to type in the password I entered in Android Device Manager. What did you do to correct this when the camera was off? When your video starts back up again you don't have the same problem. Thanks!

  10. Hello, I loved your video. Almost very helpful. I was able to do everything you demonstrated but the password change did not work. You were able to click on the screen and get a keyboard to change the password. It didn't allow me to do this. However, I did not that you had remote wipe and change set in your settings. If I did not have this set will the device manager password change work for me. The call and message display worked for me however, the password change doesn't. I am gong to hate to have to reset my phone.

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