How to find your lost or stolen phone with Android Device Manager


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  1. what happens if i cant get in my phone because i decided to put the password when it aksed me on the android device manager. At least its telling me i have the wrog passord but i know for sure its not the worng password

  2. I have a question regarding the Wi-Fi & GPS locating method:

    Does the phone have to connect to a Wi-Fi in order to provide High Accuracy device locating ? Or just to detect a Wi-Fi ?? I know.. the logic says it must be connected BUT in real life when my phone gets stolen its impossible for the phone to connect to any unknown Wi-Fi routers.. They thief might live 20km away from me.. so I guess this method is useles, except if you have lost the phone either at your office, home or any relatives appartment where you already have the wi-fi password saved in the device.

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