How To Fix “Android Phone is Connected to Wi-Fi but No Internet” ?


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  1. ohhhhhhhhhhh , Oh thank you very much MAN, I had this problem for a year, and I thought that I have no luck with the smartphones that I buy lol, thank you very much <3 you are the best

  2. when i connect to my wifi it says im connected but when i go to apps like play store or youtube or internet browser etc., it says that my internet is not connected. when i try to type in the ip address shown in the video it wont take me to the right site. is there another way or can you send me the link.????? AND THE SECOND LINK DID NOT WORK CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. my android phone connects with wifi but except youtube no other site opens and also no messenger like whasapp etc works .help me getting out of this problem .changing wireless mode and ip address did not worked . so please if u can find out any solution .

  4. tried all your steps. Still can't connect. In setting wifi shows connected but can't browse anything. help me.

    *Connection is working in my desktop when i use lan cable. But no wifi

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