How to Force the Creators Update on unsupported Windows phones


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  1. Hi New Sub Here Does it work for lumia 630 dual-sim?? bec when i trying to install apps on sd card i didnt find the Install Local Apps on SD Card Can you help me Hope that you will reply immediately

  2. Hey i have a nokia lumia 730 dual sim …today i am updating my lumia 730 from 8.1 to windows 10 in this 2018 update also starts downloading but stop after 60 percent …….and now i am unable to update it to windows 10 even it is showing in phone update because of error …..and i am also using a very fast internet connection …..

  3. Can I do this in 2018, still? We have 2 Nokia Lumia's ( 975_1005) w=512. App res. is 480X800. What model series to use (520 or 950)? Thanks for your help….:)

  4. Didn't work on Lumia 930. Interop will not install regardless which version. I did the oldschool method using vcreg in combination with lumia devopment tools. Worked in the past on a 1320 and a 1020 and still works like a charm.

  5. Hello! I succesfully upgraded my Lumia 920 to WM10.0.10586.36 (I followed this howto: ). After this I'd like to force the Creators update. Registry edit OK, the phone now seems to be Lumia 950, root access disabled but I´m not sure about restoring bootloader.
    WPInternals says it can harm the phone when using updates with unlocked bootloader, is that true? Since I don´t know which bootloader to use for restoring it (my StockROM that I used for unlocking or the loader which came with the WM10.0.10586.36?) Do yo have any idea? And which build is the best for 920?

    Thank you

  6. Please remember if you're using the Verizon Wireless network you must hack your device to be a Lumia 735 and do not do a hard reset or you will have to manually reset your APNs which are fun, fun, fun on Windows devices. If you're using GSM towers like AT&T and T-Mobile; set your device to be the Lumia 950.

  7. Anyone hear of this working with M8?having problems installing file. Tried renaming, tried a different version (it installed, but would crash every time I made it to the "platforms" folder. Any help is greatly appreciated, it's a damn shame they're not officially supporting this phone.

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