How to force Windows Phone Update without Hack


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  1. Just done the 7.8 update on the Nokia 710.
    Orange mite of change there name to EE, but being on EE i know they will never release this update to their customers, because no Developer will ever work for them after the crappy stunt they did in the big city a few years back with their staff!

  2. For any having trouble just a tip (or another take) When it comes to the part of clicking update I, in one hand have the network cable plug and one for the mouse, as you click update, disconnect the network plug. This doesn't always work so then click away and click update again just after reconnecting and repeat (obviously wont work for wireless adapters etc). Had more success when clicking update and connecting the network cable then the removal part. Worth a try for those having trouble…

  3. Hi, I did this with my HTC HD7, and now that I need to talk with the supplier about another issue, they say that my warranty is voided because I forced the update. To me, this is utter bull. What do others think?

  4. @thr33folds hey pal…thnx for the precious info which soon i'm gonna give a try…i would only like to ask u sth that i don't get with zune…i have to disable the adapter only when the ''an update is available'' comes up…right?? not every time i go to linking and back to update f.e, if i still get no update…uh? only once when the available update is shown..correct?? thnx in advance!!!

  5. IF I UPDATE…. ALL MY DATA REMAINS RIGHT ß OR IT WILL ERASE ALL THE DATA FROM MY FONE ? i have an htc hd7 and i am gonna try this method..thnx for upload 🙂

  6. I did this and it was working great I got all the way up to 7.0.7403.0 update and went to do that it said I had to update Zune before I could update the phone so I did now this wont work no matter how many times I try IDK what to do now?

  7. Awesome guide. works great, but if you didn't happen to check youtube, Microsoft, Samsung, and your wirless provider will not help you…. It's why I just got a non-windows phone, keep my samsung focus as a back up

  8. Hey everyone, just letting you all know that this method worked on my Omnia 7 and I am updating as I type to Nodo (v 7.0.7392.0). I will wait till I get the notification for Mango though, just in case. I am with Optus Australia and I had to wait around 4 seconds before I disconnected the internet connection. 🙂 Atleast Ill have copy and paste, right? haha any things better than 7008 =="

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