How to Get Real FM Radio on Your Android Phone **NO STREAMING** (Spirit FM) (Root Recommened)


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  1. I love my note 4 best phone i ever had.. Everything works gr8 and everything is so smooth and all these cool feathers! Wait what?? There no fm radio in it??? Fucking for real?? A 3cent fm radio is missing in a 700 euro phone? I just shit myself.

  2. NO THIS DOESN'T WORK WITH S4 GALAXY SAMSUNG!!!  NO FACTORY INSTALLED TUNER!!!  Thanks Samsung…what a bunch of crap…can't even get an FM Tuner with a $500.00 phone.  My old mp3 player does better than that.  How can you justify not installing such a simple and customer wanted feature on your new mobile phones.  Does it really cost that much in manufacturing or are you just wanting customers to spend extra on data for streaming???  I'll pay more attention when I purchase my next mobile phone!!!  Better luck next time.

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