How to get/find Cortana in Windows Phone 8.1


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  1. i changed the country, region and language to united states… i was able to use cortana a few months back but i changed back.. now that i am changing my country to united states again, i am not being able to see the cortana app in the phone… what could be the issue..??

  2. This sucks because there is a newer version of Cortana that can be woken upwhile it sitting on your table, text, make calls, and search the Internet without pressing a single button! I have Lumia 1320 and am in the United States but it has not beenreleased here and I am a quadriplegic, and this fix does not work!!

    Only India, and a few other countries since January and March 2015 have gotten that newer Cortana, NOT THE UNITED STATES!!! Thanks Windows!

  3. Wait! So in order to enable and use Cortana, you have to learn English and move to United States? What about the remaining 94% of the world? Or the other major languages in the world? Shouldn't they make this functionality available in all regions and markets where they sell the product? In addition to English, they should offer at least German, French, and Spanish. Physical location, i.e. region, should not matter.

  4. I was having issues with cortana with my nokia 520. in language it was showing England and English (us for English). I held the us English by pressing my finger on it and selected,'MOVE" and this solved my issue. unclear how the other language got there. only thing I can think is either I selected that for cortana by mistake or some other speech app placed it there

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