How to Hack Any Android phone & Camera Remotely using Metasploit in kali linux


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  1. guys I need help
    someone hacked into my phone & have my kids & family pictures they even recorded conversations & video chats
    & they only thing I have on them is there Facebook page name
    if u can help me I'm willing to pay money for the helpl

  2. Mail or call the Spy Genius at JALINGOOMACARTHUR @ GMAIL 512 265 7439 for the best iPhone spy keylogger. You won't need victim's phone to install and you have access to:
    All Calls
    All text messages
    WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Pictures and Videos, Emails, GPS Tracking
    Undetectable 100%
    Thank me Later!

  3. cmon you cant even understand what the hell hes saying. im not being a dick but make sure you can be heard and understood. Because as soon as your video starts people are stopping it. its point less

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