How To Import Contacts Into Your Android Phone


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  1. This is the worse explanation I have ever heard. There were so many steps glossed over in an apparent effort to hurry through this exercise. First of all, I have contacts on Outlook through Aol. None of the Gmail screens look anything like those displayed here. And then, after trying to follow directions, only two (2) contacts were imported!

  2. does anyone know how to add contacts opposite this, from smartphone/gmail acct to a flip phone? i bought my dad his first smartphone and he wants nothing to do with it, so i had to buy him another flip phone again, and i really need him to have his contacts in the phone. on another note, my contacts from my gmail acct get imported immediately when i enter acct email and password into smartphone. is this video for all those who do not have their contacts in gmail?

  3. Thanks for the tips. Is there a way to allow Outlook contacts and the ones from the Android phone to work together. For example, if I were to add a contact on my phone, it wouldn't be in the contacts on my Outlook. There must be an app for the two to sync with one another, is there?

  4. Dear Sir

    I just want to commend you for such a brief , straight to the point knowledge.

    I searched but no one could explain such a simple but yet daunting task.

    I had 2800 contacts on my list and i was not enjoying my new Samsung galaxy Note 4 . you made my dream possible now i am a very happy owner of my smart phone.

    keep up the good work hope that one day our path cross so that i can thank you in person.

    i have bought my phone for marketing purposes , and my dream was about to collapse. 

    Kindly continue the Good work and be tenacious in your business endeavors. 

    Gaven Malope
    Nyt properties 
    Senior Director.
    South Africa.

  5. To bad gmail import of csv file only stores names and e-mail adress. Phone numbers are left behind doing it this way. At least if you import a csv file created with nokia pc suite. If you compare a csv file created by g-mail to a csv file created by pc suite you will se that they are completely different.

  6. This worked great. Thank you for the instructions. I lost my Blackberry and had the contacts backed up on my PC. Sprint said they couldn't transfer the info without the old phone. I wish Samsung or Google would design a way for the Android phone to sync with outlook directly like Blackberry did. Who would thing Blackberry had something better than Google and Samsung?

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