How To Increase RAM On Your Android Phone (Upto 4 GB) | 2017


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  1. Tnx for de knowledge, yr explanation is highly professional, all the steps were easy to follow, I didn't have any difficulties understanding u on this Video.

    I have AG Zenith devise, KitKat 4.4.2, RAM 956MB, Phone App memory= 1.3GB. Phone Media 4.8.
    I was wondering if I could my App memory cos my devise always says insufficient memory when I try to download APK from play store or trying to updates my installed APKs. I don't care about Phone Media storage as I could opt for SD card to store my filles. Please help!


  2. hi I don't mean to disrespect but u recommend us to use the free app but ur shoeing an example using a not free app is there any difference between the two apps?just asking because I really like to expand my ram

  3. What happen to the free space on the SD card, are they lost? That is from an 8 gb SD card you are using 1 gb for RAM, then for 7gb can be used as a free storage for sd card?

  4. HELP! Completely unrelated but I did the Link2SD/Swapper thing for partitioning and installing new apps to SD partition. It was working a while back but now the Superuser wont prompt for permission for Link2SD and I cannot install any apps without the permission. Help!

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