How to Install a Custom ROM On Any Android Device (100% fail proof 2017)


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  1. +Game of Roms Hi, I've run out of space in my OPO phone which is only 16GB and wanted to know if it's ok to delete the lineage ROM and Gapps from Downloads folder since I now have Ressurection Remix. It's taken too much space and I need more, Thanks

  2. can you backup your custom rom also jus in case anything goes wrong? or just restore back to the original OS, i have lineage and wanted to install ressurection remix

  3. I should download ROM by searching my specific device name or by clicking the link as u mentioned above I should download ROM under extras, because currently I m using lenovo vibe p1ma40 which is not mentioned under lenovo.

  4. sir why you don't included mokee rom on your both top 5 rom videos.though in your mokee review you said it's good for daily drive ?.as you suggest aisp but it's not available for Xperia z but mokee is officially available

  5. nice vid as always. I just have one question, i am on sultans CM 13.1 rom so to go to lineage nougat, dont we need to wipe internal storage? Thank you for the effort!!!

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