How To Install iOS 10 on Android – Make Your Android Phone Look Like iPhone


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  1. that's a bad idea here's the story why
    long long time ago (well this year) my friend installed this app then I said to her that's a bad idea coz usually she's like don't care about it she doesn't think wats going to happen to her so obviously she installed it so I said ok that's probably ruined ur phone then she said meh so after day and day she's like using it over a month she finnaly got bored of that launcher so she uninstalled it the next day she looks like frustrated and like nervous coz her phone doesn't work she tried to repair it to the dude that fix phones in our country then she got it still now working everything she tried didn't all work so I told her "that's what she said" so plz don't download that app

  2. What a nightmare it would be too have iOS (the fully crippled official asshole…oops… apple version) on my totally usable android phone. The thought gives me the shivers. Great premise for horror film!

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