How To Install Kodi On Your Android Phone Or Tablet: Free Cable TV and Movies


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  1. very helpful videos thanks man…… do you have videos on installing a pvr add-on and gaming emulators. Getting stuck setting this up and doesn't seem to be much help on the net setting it up. I am trying to run Kodi from my android phone using chromecast to get it to the tv.

  2. i followed you step by step and when i open kodie back up it still goes to the screen that say enter file section and remove this menu item and keeps making download the gears of war build 4 times and i dont know how to take them off please help got to take plane trip need to watch off line please phone is a gaxly s5 thanks

  3. HELP – 1 KODI layout was way different, had to hunt around to find sections but I believe I was able to complete steps. the build graffic appears 1st when opening up Kodi but returns to the i guess newer kodi layout (no build graffics), lyncs show only in favourites i.e. box office, in theaters. those go to: files, playlists, video addons & then more sub-links. what did I do wrong? nothing to view/watch. no build layout to navigate.

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