how to install ota update on rooted android phone (ROOT, No PC, No Data Loss)


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  1. hi I just downloaded Oreo 8.1 and I the partitions the options are boo,t recovery, system, vendor, and also now modem firmware , I know I should uncheck recovery do I check modem firmware? I have magisk as my root su , I was going to flash that in TWRP after.

  2. Great video Gupta, dont worry about these other idiots. You spoke clearly to me and if these retards don't understand it they can always rewind the video or turn on close caption. Also, I recieved a OnePlus 5, I plan on rooting it but I don't want to do it still this early as there maybe a more rapid OTA updates as it is a fairly recent phone and might need to fix new glitches found.

  3. Dude please speak clearly. You mumbled through the entire video.

    This happens when you dont plan the video beforehand. Do some preparation on what you are going to say, put some effort into editing.

    Its hard to understand what you were saying.

    But thanks for the video anyway, it was helpful

  4. please help me i got twrpcand backed up boot and recovery i tried 7,8 times after showing and passing from black screen it powers on and take me into the twrp recovery and when i reboot it shows the same!.

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