How to Load Music Onto Android Device (Easy Drag and Drop)


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  1. There is an easier way to do it..
    1)Connect ur phone with computer via usb
    2)A pop-up should up,select the one that connects with photo,s videos and music
    3)Look for your bluetooth phone name
    4)select it
    5)open ur music on computer then highlight all the music that u want
    6) drag it into your bluetooth phone name

  2. My desperation to simply be able to drag and drop music files (like the good old days of MP3 players) is why I'll be switching to Android this time. That and Apple getting rid of the headphone jack.

  3. totally too technical.. why is he getting into all this other Kies firmwear horseshit? as soon as he says "what i'm basically going to do is…", i know its gonna be too geeky to follow

  4. easy all you have to do is open my computer select phone find or create  folder name it whatever drag your music into there wait for it to copy in then disconnect phone go into all app and  find music folder or whatever you named the folder if your stuck ask me ill help

  5. omg thanks so much, i was losing hope but i watched the video again and saw what was wrong, you see
    I have a kyocera phone, its pretty crappy but at least it works. thanks a bunch! 🙂 I subscribed in a heart beat as soon as it worked!

  6. I wouldn't have to spend an hour plus transferring each of my audiobooks and courses to my phone if some genius hadn't decided we don't need CD players in our cars anymore.  GRRRRRRRRR!

  7. Can you add songs to a phone's playlist by dragging-and-dropping on the desktop? (As opposed to adding the songs one-by-one using the music player application on the phone.) I can move songs around to different folders by using the desktop, and I can see the playlists in a separate folder, but I can't edit the phone playlists on the desktop – only on the phone itself. Suggestions?

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