How to make a free wifi Android phone with no contract or even a phone with a bad esn


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  1. You really need to title your video description a little bit better. People are coming to this video to seek a way to have free wifi everywhere you go, not what services you can use on your phone with wifi while at home. Of course you can use your "free" phone if you're connected to your wifi at home. Lol waste of time watching you "help" people.

  2. Thanks for the video mate, I watch your vids regularly. But (there's always a 'but') is it worth the B.S. Maybe it's different in the States but here we get uncapped calls and text for $20 a month. Data is separate, so I just us use wifi.

  3. I have a Sprint phone with a bad ESN that I am using Wifi only calling on. I am spending about $7.00 per month on services and this is what I have done. First, I have a FreedomPop LTE hotspot modem that I did have to spend $30.00 on. It works on Sprint's network 3G/4G. For that service I spend roughly $7.00 per month and I get 500MB of data with 500MB more by adding in some friends + I get to roll over up to 500MB of unused data per month to the next month. **I use the hotspot to connect my phone when there is no Wifi**. I have a FREE GoogleVoice account. Everyone has my GoogleVoice number.I have Vonage app installed on my Android phone (HTC One Max) and I was able to link it to my GoogleVoice with a text verification. Now when I call outbound with Vonage over wifi the receiver sees my GV number. Vonage wifi calling is FREE! The app was FREE. Good quality calling. Next, I went back to FreedomPop and downloaded their FREE Voice and Text app that gives inbound/outbound calling and gives you a FREE local phone number. You get 200 minutes of inbound/outbound and 500 free text messages per month. I was able to link the number to my GoogleVoice so now if someone calls my GV number the FreedomPop app will ring. So, that gives me 200 minutes of FREE inbound calling. For outbound I still use Vonage that is 100% free. FreedomPop also very good quality calls. Hope this helps. Oh, I forgot to add. By simply having the FreedomPop Voice and Text app on my phone, I get an extra 100MB of data per month on my FreedomPop hotspot. I did try MagicApp by MagicJack and the call quality was very poor. I also did not like Hangouts because it had problems connecting and people could hear me but I could not hear them. FreedomPop seems to be pretty good as well as Vonage. Sometimes Vonage won't connect right away. You have to let it time out (after about 1 minute) then try again. Then it seems to be okay.

  4. This 4 years LATER and my 2012 $12 ppd. eBay EVO 4G LTE STILL does the same damned WiFi thing!

    One must go thru the same three Setting changes

    And the Restart EVERY TIME one restarts the phone!!

    Those free WiFi "Fixer" Apps from Google Play, do absolutely NOTHING

    ( Four older HTC's here have no such problem.

    THEY work fine with my FREE OPEN WiFi…!!)

    Must be a ROM issue….. with only EVO 4G LTE's

    Like some Boot Looping things with my older EVO 4G.

    Found another logic board for THAT.. cheap on eBay

    As I do not use WINDOZE am a Mac and Linux user!

    So no .EXE does me any good!



  5. HTC's Sprint phones don't work this way.

    From the git go…

    I use 3 of them an EVO 4G, a myTouch 4G, and a EVO 4G LTE, on my open Wifi, and at places with free open WiFi,

    Here in Rogers Park, Chicago and in Evanston, IL.

    Android 2.3.5 and 4.2…

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