How To Make Free Calls From Any Android Phone Without A Carrier


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  1. I have an active service, Will this method work so that I will be able to have voicemail, receive calls, receive texts and send texts, keep my existing number, use the internet to do like, downloads, searching, etc.?

  2. thanks for wasting my time and getting my hopes up asshole. you have to have service to verify your phone number. folks do Not waste your time. this video is bull Shit. and mister you should do more research before you get folks hopes up.

  3. You need a carrier to use Google Voice and GrooVe IP Pro is NOT free. You must buy credits. This was a waste of my time and energy…Ugh!!!

  4. ima save you 3 hours of looking i used the "dingtone" app and it works on my galaxy s6 it also send verification code to email (which all these other apps would send it to my phone when i have no service)

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