How To Make Your Android Phone/Tablet Run Faster in Minutes! Improve Android Performance 2016


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  1. don't Get Clean master. Go into settings and delete your cache then go into apps and go through each app and delete the cache and delete data if you want depending on what data it has. It won't delete anything important even if you delete all data you'll just have to log back in the app and won't have search suggestions you had at first.

  2. Does it works if u only could download the app in the video ? Cauz I don't have the same options ….😞 and my tab is always lagging and the videos settings on YouTube are not correct cauz it does not show my videos in HD infect every time I play a video I have to change it in HD and I'm tired with this shit plz someone help me plzz I need to fix this plzzzz reply

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