How to Mirror your Android Phone to a Windows 10 Laptop without any Applications


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  1. I have a Huawei P9 lite and when I search "mirror" I find MirrorShare and a little window pops up and my computer's ID is diplayed but when I try to connect it, it says I can't connect. I sit maybe because my computer doesn't support mirrorcast? how do I verify that? And if that is the reason, is there another way I can do this?

  2. Hi,
    when i try to connect my S5 to my laptop i got "something went wrong with the projection" on laptop and" Failed to connect via screen mirroring" on my phone !!! how can i solve it ? pls help !

  3. I can't cast my NEXUS 5 phone to ASUS Zenbook ux305fa
    on my phone I have this after clicking Cast button (Enable Wirelss Display is already checked) :

    Enable listen mode
    Enable autonomous GO
    WPS configuration
    Listen channel
    Operating channel
    I had not this menu above before

    and I have of course this
    ASUS (Wireless display) ==> when I click on it, it gives me Connecting and on my laptop : Android_ff7d is about to project

    but after a moment the connect app on Windows 10 gives me this message : Something went wrong with the projection.
    Any solution please ?

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