How to Print From Your Android Phone Or Tablet!


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  1. A lot of us out here (that would be ME) are not very technically savvy. (Duh.) This fellow obviously knows what he is doing but please SIMPLIFY, focus your camera on your tablet or cell phone screen so we can see what is on your screen,  and don't use technical terms.  (What on earth is "U.I."?? The presenter says this a couple of times. And "cloud" ?  I want to print my document that is in my laptop, not in a cloud somewhere.) Please use STEPS in your explanations, as in, "Step One, download the Hammermill app…." or, "First, download the H. app".  At what point do you pull up your document?  At one point, it looked like you went to Google Chrome or some kind of Google icon on your screen. What is this? Why? Where does this fall in the steps? No explanation.  I really appreciate the presenter's knowledge, but I remain completely confused and still unable to print from my Verizon Ellipsis 8.  Thank you for your time.

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