How to Remove Root (Un Root) Any Android Device Without A Computer (2017)


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  1. Hello, great video as always…
    Just have a couple of questions…
    So I needed to unroot the device to upgrade my Xperia Z2 to Android Marshmallow…
    I followed the instructions and it said it was unrooted, however I am still unable to upgrade my device… And in the Sony support page they told me that I lost the warranty and support…
    I assume this happened cause I rooted it…
    But does that mean that I won't be able to upgrade officially from now on?
    What do you suggest I do?
    Thank you!!!

  2. you look like who knows a lot about android and I need you help. I have a tab s, when it was not rooted everything was running fine without any error message. since I rooted which was last week, I'm getting this error message telling me by battery is in very bad condition and install this and that, as long as Internet connection is on this message will pop up doesn't matter if I'm play games or watch videos or anything else. so I unrooted my device but that message still pops up. any idea what should I do?

  3. hi! The Android Guy! I really like ur videos but i want to know one thing that how to hack wifi password.If you make a video on that it will be epic.I'm not forcing you so, it is up to you☺☺.

  4. hi buddy just wanted to ask one question..I have my phone rooted,so what will happen if i hard reset my phone complete factory restore,Will I loose root?

  5. Please I want help, if I want to unroot by using kingroot apps on my device, should I enable/check box of USB DEBUGGING. in root I had enable and after root I had disable/check box of USB DEBUGGING

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