How to Remove Virus on Android Phone (Safe Mode)


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  1. After switching to safe mode I uninstalled the apps I suspected then I turned it back again and it installed again the apps I suspected containing viruses. What should I do?

  2. help I have a virus that every now and then a pop up appears on my screen and I cannot remove it without clicking the add and then it redirects me to a site. I don't know what to to please help.

  3. So whenever I go to chrome it says 13 viruses found download this app, and it seems REALLY legit cause it has google icons that would be found on other errors but when i downloaded the app on Playstore there's no option for virus scans PLEASE help

  4. When I turn "ON" to the wifi, my phone is being hacked or there are many adds installed apps that cause harm to my phone and the install blocked is always pop.up. how to fixed it?

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