How to setup a Android phone to make and receive free calls, text and voice mail


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  1. root what do you do with a zte n680 with no connection but wifi,its n old phone but i like it alot,tried google hangouts but it doesnt work,gotta google voice account with phone number,i also wanna text on my cell but i cant,or the only other way i can do it is maybe change the operating system if i can or do you no a way,suggestions please

  2. hey root gotta bit of a problem with groove i p,got google voice up n running on my pc but when i put in my email address and password on groove ip it says i need a code,theres no carrier what so ever on my zte,all i have for connection is wifi,like i said i need a code to up n run on groove ip

  3. Hello have checked out ur website love itaint got no sim card,gotta sd card on my zte android,guess it,ll do the same thing as i,m looking to use it for free calls texting,etc

  4. so if I'm understanding correctly, I can change phones out as long as I download and sign in the apps to the connected email? Does this mean if I sign in multiple phones into the apps with the same email they should all ring when being called and show up as the same number when calling from? or am I missing something?

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