How to Setup the Gear S3 with an Android Phone


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  1. Does the watch need to have an app downloaded to the phone? I do not have a phone since I'm waiting for the S8 to arrive. Can I just have it working straight out of the box?

  2. hi can I ask for help? My phone is Samsung mega. It can't find my gear. I have Bluetooth on but don't know what went wrong. Can anyone help me? Thank you

  3. Hi, how can I edit the date and time manually on the watch? I realized that the function was on the watch before I connected it to my phone. However, when I set it up with my phone, the option is not there anymore..

  4. Can the Gear S3 do call forwarding? I have Sprint service with my s7 edge. so if i get the Tmobile or AT&T Gear s3 will i be able to leave my phone at home using call forwarding my s7 egde phone number?

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