How to Theme your Android Phone like a Boss


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  1. Nice, I did-it, after few hours of moil, anyway my phone worked very hard with the new implementation, but after a "shut down" has begun to work very well, much better then before , much smoother
    I have only one "complain" I didn't find (MetroStation Icon Pack) and i used "Gel Icon Pack" but gel icon are not so cool like MetroStation.
    Maybe Armando give us another link with his  MetroStation Icon !!! will be nice.

  2. armando. which rom did you use on nexus when you were reviewing the boss theme? and can you tell which rom is the best (overall) for my nexus 4? and is there any rom which can change the color effect and add mirror type like your galaxy nexus navigational bar?

  3. Please I downloaded the minimalistic text yesterday, i was not able to follow you up because it seems theres no way to bring up static text or write on it? Do you know if its the developer re-adjustment or just my fault?

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