How To Theme Your Android Phone Ubuntu Boss Style


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  1. Hey Armando i'm having problems with the widget locker, i downloaded all the apps that you mention except Google drive. this is what it tells me UCCW error. how can i fix it, need your help like a boss.

  2. Hey Armando i tired to install these theme to my Nexus 4. But after installing the Widget Locker when i tap to restore it says "Application not installed on your phone." I installed all the apps in ur list and copied all the folders of SD card into my Internal Storage. Please Help me Armando bro. Thank You 🙂

  3. Hey Armando Ferreira, I've been trying to install this theme on my phone, however I've been having issues with transferring the "sd card" file into my phone. Is there a specific folder that they need to be transferred into and if so what is it called. I've already referred to your update video on that issue but my internal storage doesn't show any files of the sort. I am currently using a Samsung Galaxy S4 as well. Please respond asap 🙂 Thanks

  4. I copied all the files correctly but there is no TSFShell_db file on my internal storage, this is why i am unable to restore the launcher. On my PC it shows that the TSFShell_db file is copied to my internal storage, but when i open my internal storage from the phone, the TSFShell_db file is not present? Please help me. I use MOTO G. Anyone please Help me..! +Armando Ferreira Bro Please help me as soon as possible

  5. hi man…im trying to use your tuts but at the point after installing the miui theme…i still have the icons and other stuff…!
    i follow the troubleshooting but it doesnt work for me.
    any ideas?

    i have a HTC ONE !

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