How to Transfer files from your Android phone to your PC / Mac computer


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  1. hi ranjit
    when i plug my phone in and tap MTP, the DCIM comes up but when i open it the folder is empty?
    this always worked before so where is the camera folder, etc. My phone storage is full of pictures and videos. So where are they?

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  3. i could not understand this person. I wish he would speak a bit slower. For example, I could not understand the name of the software that works for Samsung phones. This was frustrating as this is the type of phone I'm trying to reset!

  4. how can i transfer voice and video? are the videos in the protos category? are voice and video combined or are they in seperate files?

  5. Ranjit I have a motorola mb525 Defy. I'm stuck and wondered if you have any ideas how to connect it to my pc. I do have a usb link but it will only let me read the files on my SD card. I want to download my Contacts to PC. Thanks

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