How To Transfer Photos From Android Phone to Your Computer Desktop Using Drag & Drop


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  1. SHIT!
    I had to import 1035 photos!
    Well this is going to take some time….-_- btw from the first minute then i knew what to do already XD idk why I came here I could've done it myself!

  2. Hi, thanks for sharing your expertise. I tried doing what you said, but the folder is empty. I go back to my gallery on my Samsung s5 and I see all of my photos. What am I doing wrong?

  3. Thank you for your easy instructions and video. I think I transferred all picture and videos, the only thing is that I went to dcmi folder but there was nothing in there so i went to pictures and movies files and copied them from there but know i still have the content on my phone. what should I do? do I need to go back into my phone and delete them all?

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