How to transfer SMS/Messages and Contacts from Windows phone to android phone


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  1. On the simple parts, he goes to slow, on the directories, he races through it. I finally created the needed folders and then find out that the free app only does 200 texts. I buy it for $2.24 and then find that it will only import the messages if you allow it to become your default messaging app, meaning I am stuck with it forever. From POC Windows phone to apps with a gimmick, it's a crooked world.

  2. Great Help, But…..
    Unfortunately, i have Lumia 1020 "Without SD Card Slot" so i don't have the option to Export fromImport to SD Card
    Please, Do you know any other solution to transfer SMS Message to Android Phone

  3. This is great, Thanks! Any chance you have a means of doing the same kind of thing with MMS? I exported those to my sd card as well but they save as individual .pdu files

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