How to transfer SMS/Messages from Windows Phone to Android (ALL MESSAGES AT A TIME) (Method 1)


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  1. Works 100% – Guys, if you do NOT see the &#x11 that means it has already been removed! you can skip that part. And to make sure that it is there or not press CTRL + F (type it in, and find) – If it does not find it, then it already has been done. Also for windows 10 users. After launching python, and doing what the video says, it will create a file. In the video the file looks like "<.>" (world pic in the mid) – In Windows 10, its just a blank paper. so don't be alarmed if the file does not look like the one in the video 🙂

  2. The app is no longer avialable. The bastards have taken it down. I notice anything to do with SMS transfer has been taken down and only paid apps have this functionality…

  3. Please help: Did exakly like the video and all was transfered to the phone but i can't open the sms or send messages to people that i have sms with.. Just blank Lumia 950xl to Samsung galaxy S7 edge.. :< Really want all my sms to my new phone

  4. I was really hoping this would be a solution for me, but seems it does not work for my environments. I want to move my SMS from a Windows Lumia 950 running Windows 10 to a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I was able to install the "contacts+messaging" app, but it will not run on my device – it just opens, then closes immediately. Any other thoughts?

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