How To Turn Any Android Phone Into An iPhone…


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  1. Even as iOS as my daily driver Electra Jailbroken of course. SSHing Tweaks across gets tiresome. S8Plus root access… I just don't know the tweaks on iOS are Powerful AF (cracked all in-app purchases) Xposed is not bad. WHATEVER I LOVE BOTH. This video Lew, is defs one of the funniest. The notch FFS! I like Leanback Launcher for an AOSP Android feel TBH.

  2. iPhone is a smartphone with multimedia functionality. It is designed and marketed by Apple in California and is manufactured in China. It is characterized by the large touch-sensitive display it is operated with, and it has only one physical button on the front. The phone is operated by touching the corresponding icon (s) on the screen with one or more fingers. It used to be found only in black, but now there is a large selection of colors on the back. Touching the two-finger screen lets you zoom in and out of text, pictures, and graphics you want to look at. In addition to being a regular mobile phone, it also has features like EDGE, mobile camera, browser, push-email, and motion sensor. Wireless network support (802.11b / g) and Bluetooth 2.0 are also included. iPhone 5S / 5C and later versions also support 4G (LTE) and Assisted GPS. iPod is a part of the phone. There are a number of additional applications available for download, and it is also possible to update software through iTunes. Apple could mark 1 billion sold applications from AppStore in April 2009.

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