How to turn off PIN security on the Android lock screen


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  1. How to unlock pin, mark 2. Found another tutorial as one above didn’t work. I managed to get rid of finally yesterday evening & checked a few times. But after recharging overnight to factory reset today, stupid pin lock has come back on!!! Not a happy bunny, detest technology & what the techno geeks who make this stuff do to us.

  2. Not true because my Alcatel fierce 4 has a (none) settings so you should mention that some Android devices don't have that (none) setting for device security.

  3. I did something at some point that made it so when I was at home I did not have to use a PIN to get into my phone. With the last update that is no longer happening so I want to know how to turn off needing a pin when I'm at home yet still requiring one when my phone is not at home?

  4. thank you so much for the Simplicity of your instructions. the other ones were so confusing. my phone unlocked on the very first try with your method. I've been trying to unlock it for over an hour. great job !

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