How to UNINSTALL Pre-Installed Apps/BloatWares On Any Android Device


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  1. +Android Guy Thanks for sharing this video tutorial on uninstalling pre-installed system apps. This is my first time posting this Chanel(a newbie) but I have a few questions to share with You;
    • Do We have to install I think the Samsung link you use in the video tuttorial & also you said that to be careful when installing the apps in red after you've downloaded titanium something from the playstore; why did you say that;just asking & would it cause your phone to not work properly & how would you know which app or apps in red you want to uninstall & how would you know if it's safe to do so; just asking. I look forward to your reply A.S.A.P!
    NB: The reason I ask the above questions is because I have just recently got a new Android phone Christmas day last year so it's still kind of new to me cause I t po didn't have it for a long time as yet; yet & so I want to do it the right way without damaging my phone. Anyways After I had unboxed my phone & everything it already had about three pages that was full with systems apps & had 5 games on it as well & I don't play them at all. I'll continue Sharing this in next post so thanks for reading in advance if do so.

  2. I understand that BloatWare in some instances may occupy up to 4GB of internal memory, so uninstalling some of these apps would cut back on memory especially when these apps are hardly used. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Now my question to you sir, on Samsung devices, which of the pre-installed apps would you recommend uninstalling?

  3. my sumsung mobile galaxy fame is running very slow even after resting device my device gets very slow whenever it is connected to WiFi..will u please help me in this @android guy

  4. My Titan Backup root app says everytime i want to uninstall a useless bloatware: "Cannot remove system app. Failed to locate the apk file." What do i have to do?

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