How To Unlock An Android Phone – Step-by-step / For any GSM sim card / Unlock Android


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  1. I have my Samsung galaxy s4 on at&t towers through straight talk and can not update past jellybean. if I unlock it will I be able to update my OS even though I am not changing providers?

  2. Hey man I bought the passcode from unlock river but once I bought it I started reading reviews and all but one said that they never received the code. This is really scary. Is this true? I will give it 2 more days to wait because it is from 1-3 business days. If there isn't any response pertaining to the code I will debunk your video and mark them negatively on the Better Business Bureau

  3. I have a US Cellular Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. When entering the *#06# it does nothing, unless I press send, then I get all this crap about buying a phone card, collect call, etc.–no IME code. The phone has been disconnected (for non pay). Any advice? < I have no idea why 'The Revenant movie' is popping up!)

  4. thought I found a way to unlock my ZTE Majesty phone but, I have a letter (A) and 13 digits so, what to do now? Glad I didn't pay for something that won't work for me!

  5. the code works one time onely? in i want to unlock 5 galaxy s5 whit the same code. can i do that? or i need to pay 5 times?

  6. And this website, UnlockRiver… You're SURE it's safe, right?
    I mean, I can see you're using it in the video so you trust it enough, but I just want some sort of verbal "verbal" confirmation really.

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