How to unlock an Android phone with a broken touch screen


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  1. I am in tears starting from feeling like its the end of the world an now from watching your video!!! i am saved i thought i would be losing yet another set of sentimental photos, but you have saved an album and my sanity!!!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. it's a helpful video but you didn't have to explain scenarios of someone breaking a phone, we're all here because we already know how a phone can break

  3. hello sir,✌
    thank you ,it was very helpful.👍
    I use ASUS ZENFONE MAX n it comes with a OTG cable so I managed to unlocked my broken phone and was able to transfer all my data via XENDER APK .💨

  4. While technically 'broken', 'unresponsive' would have been a better descriptor. I have a truly broken screen, where the LCD shows no image. While useful to know, this method does nothing to help with unlocking my phone with a 'broken screen'.

  5. hi dude i am Ankit chaudhari from India aaj aapki video m bhai mere bahut help ki h so boss i really thanks full for this amazing videos this video idea is very cool
    pata h mera phone bhi break ho gaya tha pr bhai aapki video dekh maja hi aa gaya
    thankyou by heart
    really bro you video is my life amazing
    thank u bhai thank u sooooooooo muchhhhhhhhh

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