How to Unlock APN’s on Any Android Phone (Root Required)


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  1. Do I need to do the whole thing or just those 2 lines? Also will it work on my S5 on Sprint? All of my APN are greyed out and can't touch. If it does not work can I remove those lines and revert back?

  2. I do not think I could ever do root myself.I just spent an hour on the phone with straighttalk asking how to connect APN or upgrade so that when I am waway from home I'll have network,and their callbacks to me disconnect and at site I still got nowhere.I got wifi at home with HughesNet,but nowhere else.I buy 10 g a month.My APN setting says tracfone.VZWENTP but evidently its unconnected and I am always offline or have no network.I do not think Straighttalk covers my zip,37144,and I really need help with my S6 phone.

  3. downloaded RootKing V. 5  installed, downloaded Root Checker that worked, Downloaded your FX  installed followed the Video EXACTLY!  then  downloaded change APN.  My ZTE Z740G   APN STILLLLL  locked!!!   STILL grayed out.  cant change it or edit it.  So whats the deal??????

  4. EDIT: Hey soo I ended up getting this software called pdnat that basically turns your phone into an Ethernet port. I'd recommend getting unlimited unhooked from your mobile provider before getting this because your provider can still throttle your data…. POSITIVE: It's less expensive then paying for extra hotspot so hopefully this helps anyone

  5. Hi, so I did all of this and installed "Change APN" but the +Add new access is still grayed out and inop. The Reset to default works but I need to add a new APN. This phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini originally purchased from Verizon, ported to Straight Talk and now to Freedom Pop.

  6. uploader, you should edit this. using the build.prop LOL method allows one to add/edit APNS, but for those looking to actually REMOVE the default APN, this method is useless. Using this method,
    *the default APN is no longer visible, but it is STILL there*

    reversing the changes will NOT fix this.

  7. it doesn't helped me on my Samsung galaxy s3. After rebooting I still can't add apn. I still can receive and make calls, but can't add apns. Also status bar keeps showing no sim card-emergency calls only

  8. I was having this problem for months now "unable to view the access point name settings. access is restricted for the current user profile". I tried a lot of solutions to no avail. I just rooted my phone recently. It worked perfectly on my S6! Thank you for this great guide!

  9. I just used in on a Verizon Galaxy S4 sch i545 5.0.1 and it worked for me. The Verizon LTE APN that was greyed out is now gone.

    update: I am now trying to use my data and it stopped working all together. I went back and undid the file change and the it is still not working. I have cleared the cash and tried airplane mode. Any other Ideas?

  10. Worked perfectly on Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II (rooted). After manually entering the APN manually I cleared data for Badgeprovider, Messaging and did a wipe cache partition. If It hadn't been for your video and those 2 lines of code I would still be frustrated over this issue. Thank you so much.

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