How to update any Android Phone/Device to latest version.


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  1. How can i fix my Google Nexus 5 mobile update issue. after the mobile update, it is asking the password. but the issue is same area (password) on the screen another app window popup and displayed ( google- tap to talk), so it is clashing together and stuck there and i cant give the password and not opening the tap to talk window also. but other than emergency call, or switch off, display screen, everything is working properly. thank you guys advance

  2. Everyone if I upgraded that in my device will bigger games in mobile that needs high Android version like injustice game in android mobile you know…… Those games will work in my device if I upgraded it with that wireless update? Or no? Anyone please answer my question and I will really appreciate that.

  3. The title says "How to update any Android Phone/Device to latest version" but it's actually endorsing the CynogenMod ROM lol If I were a new viewer, I would expect that this would help me update my phone to it's latest version. But this video shows how to install a MODDED ROM (Ofcourse its the latest OS id10t indian guy) and is actually NOT helpful because NOT all phones were CynogenMod ROM supported.


  4. giu giug igu biu biu biub iu .. I dont understand a fucking woooord . Why do I need the stupid cyogen mod ? WHY ???? I want android only . Allt his shit with making new accounts etc etc etc ..

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