How to use USB Android phone ENDOSCOPE to get items drop down a drain


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  1. The water is supposed to be there to 'water lock' drain from sewer odors! Thats why all drains should have that drain "hook" piece below the sink drain & below the level of the pipe to the actual sewer drain pipe. on drains that are not used very often, you should pour a couple cups of water down them matbe every couple of months, more often if you smell sewage!!

  2. FYI, that "dirty water" performs a very important function. It prevents sewer gases from coming into your bathroom which stink profusely. It's called a "water trap" for that reason – it traps water to keep the gases from rising. Virtually all drains have them, especially those in a house. Thanks for the vid.

  3. Well done! Def one of the best reviews/tutorials on these gadgets. Was on the fence on whether or not to get one, but after this, I'm sold! Off to buy one right now. Seriously! Thanks for saving me a lot of researching time and potential headaches! 💕

  4. I just brought one of these but it isn't wokring with my note 4 running android marshmellow. I tried it with my girlfriends moto G and still nothing. Wondered if it was our phones or the camera so I plugged it into my laptop and it works fine. LED's light up though when plugged into my phone just doesn't recognize the camera have used several different apps and OTG works fine as I've plugged my wireless mouse into my note 4 and it works fine. Any ideas on how to fix it?

  5. This is an interesting device; thanks for the review. However in this case where you were really blindly wiggling the magnet around to catch the bit, I think you could have had the same result without the camera! I still want one.

  6. This is perfect. I needed some way to look in my own mouth so I can do some DIY dentistry on my wisdom teeth. Then later I'm going to check for polyps.

  7. got exact same one looks like yours, it worked one time, then i tried a diff. app and thats it, never worked again, tried multiple diff. apps, nothing! only the led turns on thats it, any suggestions what might be wrong? thanks

  8. Great for checking the inside of your car engine – take the spark plugs out and you can check the state of your pistons without even removing the head its a great tool but the optics really need to be better than 640 x 480 and the resolution it uses. Thats why its so difficult to see things in tight spaces with the led light used.

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